Nearly 250 new street and pedestrian lights as well as decorative mast arms at key intersections installed.

Design and construction for improvements to the Cumberland Boulevard and Cumberland Parkway corridor behind the mall.

Design and construction of a new bridgescape design for Cumberland Boulevard at Interstate 75.

Funding: $11 million in improvements to the corridor

Project Status: Lighting and mast arm installation is underway, Cumberland Boulevard west improvements and bridgescape kick off in 2016.  Projects scheduled to be complete in 2017.


  • Cumberland Boulevard, a loop road connecting the four quadrants of Cumberland, was completed in 2003. It creates connectivity throughout the community as a whole, increasing mobility throughout the district. It was constructed in four separate sections and took 10 years to complete.
  • Cumberland Boulevard West, located between Akers Mill Road and
    Spring Road, will be widened with an additional left turn lane, allowing for safer traffic flow and greater capacity.
  • There will be 243 new lights added, all containing light emitting diodes (LEDs) as opposed to traditional incandescent bulbs – the first project of its kind from Georgia Power. The switch will result in greater energy efficiency and lower energy costs.
  • The project also includes a new bridgescape and upgraded mast arms.
  • Currently, approximately 50,000 vehicles travel along Cumberland
    Boulevard per day, which is expected to increase as the Atlanta Braves complete their move into SunTrust Park in 2017.


  • $5.6 million CID => $11 million total project costs
  • The road widening and streetscape project on Cumberland Boulevard West will cost $6.5 million and will be funded entirely by the Cobb County Special Local Options Sales Tax (SPLOST).
  • Lighting and mast arms will cost $3.4 million and will be funded by the CID.
  • The bridgescape improvements are estimated to be around $1 million, with $800,000 coming from GDOT and $200,000 from the CID.



  • The additional turn lane on Cumberland Boulevard West will be added to the westbound side of the road, heading toward Interstate 285, creating two dedicated left-turn lanes onto Cumberland Parkway. This area will also receive streetscape and landscaping improvements, as well as mast arm upgrades.
  • Of the 243 lights to be added along Cumberland Boulevard, 149 will be street lights and 94 will be pedestrian lights.(GDOT) and $212,000 from Cobb County.
  • The bridgescape will be made out of aluminum and will feature decorative fences and three prominent arches on the south side of the bridge.
  • There will be mast arms installed at several of the major intersections within the project corridor.