The Bob Callan Trail is a pristine connection for the Cumberland
community to national parkland at the Chattahoochee River
National Recreation Area (CRNRA).  The unspoiled river and walking trails within an otherwise urban environment, provide biking, hiking, and recreational amenities directly for the Cumberland community, and connects regional trail systems such as Cobb County and the northwest Atlanta market.  Construction on the center portion is expected to begin in 2017, while construction on the northern portion will begin in 2018.

  • The entire Bob Callan 4-mile trail, once complete, will rival any
    north Georgia mountain experience, but lies around 10 miles from
    the Atlanta Beltline Trail and downtown Atlanta in the heart of the
    Cumberland community in Cobb County.
  • The southern portion of the trail was completed in 2007. It features a 2-mile hike that follows along Rottenwood Creek and leads pedestrians and cyclists over pedestrian bridges and elevated boardwalks.
  • The center portion will continue the user experience from the Bob
    Callan Trailhead (Interstate North Parkway & Cumberland Blvd.)
    approximately 1 mile north to Interstate North Parkway just slightly
    south of Windy Hill Road. 

    • Trail length – 1 mile
    • Will construct 6 boardwalk sections, totaling approximately 1300 ft. in length
    • One steel truss bridge spans a small creek tributary
    • One overlook for viewing the shoals (at the Assurant property)
    • Resting areas with benches at each end of trail.



    Rotten Wood Creek Trail
    Kennesaw Mountain to Chattahoochee River Trail
    Noonday Creek Trail in Town Center area

Cumberland CID park walkers

  • More than 2 miles long, the southern section of the multi-use trail connects 32 million square feet of commercial space to 1,200 acres of unspoiled national parkland.
  • The southernmost access point of the trail is located at CRNRAís Palisades Trailhead at Paces Mill, and, from there, it follows Rottenwood Creek to the Bob Callan Trailhead located at the Interstate North parking lot.The multi-use trail is paved with a porous concrete designed to handle pedestrians, cyclists, and even maintenance vehicles. The porous surface allows for rainfall to filter through to the ground as well.
  • Free parking is located on the northern end of the trail at the Bob Callan Trailhead. Parking and bathrooms are also available at the southern end of the trail at the Palisades Trailhead off Paces Mill and US Highway 41 for $3.
  • The 2-mile northern extension of the Bob Callan Trail will continue the user experience from the Bob Callan Trailhead to the Terrell Mill Road area.
  • Following Rottenwood Creek, the boardwalks of the northern section will work into the natural environment around rock formations and the creek bed.
  • A new trailhead and parking facility that will offer free parking will be constructed off Terrell Mill Road.
  • The design is complete and awaiting funding partners for construction. The Bob Callan Trail is part of a 25-mile network of multi-use trails in process in and around the Cumberland area, with 16 miles already constructed as shown on the corresponding map.

Total Project Cost = $8.7 million

Funding Sources
CID – $2 million
Federal – $6.7 million
State – $480K
Cobb County – $238K