Akers Mill Ramp

  • The Northwest Managed Lanes as designed do not accommodate direct and safe access for the 100,000+ daily commuters traveling to and from Cumberland.
  • Working alongside the State, the Cumberland CID is pursuing the addition of an entrance/exit ramp at Akers Mill Road.
  • Georgia DOT has indicated their desire to add components of the project to the current Managed Lanes construction project.
  • Without the ramp, commuters will be forced to drive to a different access point several miles to the north, south, east, or west of Cumberland.
  • $5 million CID => $53 million total estimated project costs
  • The bridge reconstruction is $18 million, which goes toward design, right of way acquisition and construction. The CID portion is approximately $1.7 million, with $16 million in federal aid through the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and $212,000 from Cobb County.
  • The road widening portion of the project from Paces Mill to Akers Mill Road is $35 million. The CID portion is $3.2 million, with GDOT, federal partners, and Cobb County funding $32.5 million towards design, right of way acquisition, and construction.

Project Fact Sheet