Cobb Pkwy Project Completion Celebration

Cobb Pkwy Project Completion Celebration
May 2, 2017 Cumberland CID

The Cumberland CID, along with Cobb County and state leaders, celebrated the completion of numerous road- and bridge-widening projects on Cobb Parkway on the property of Riverwood 100.

The Cumberland CID and its partners’ efforts did not go unnoticed by Gov. Nathan Deal, who spoke at the event, and other top-level officials.  “This is one of the best examples that we have of what partnerships can do between local government, state government and the business community,” said Deal.

Rep. Earl Ehrhart also spoke on the proliferating effects a CID can have on a community, citing infrastructure enhancements and key developments, such as SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta.

Photos from the event:

The Cumberland Community Improvement District has been leveraging private investments to enhance roads, bridges, streetscapes, bicycle trails, pedestrian enhancements and recreational infrastructure which support and protect commercial value within the district.