• Q&A with Cobb Chamber President & CEO Sharon Mason on COVID-19

    Q&A with Cobb Chamber President & CEO Sharon Mason on COVID-19 What are some of the common struggles businesses and…

    by Cumberland CID
  • Express Lanes

    Georgia’s Express Lanes – Delivering Georgia a World-Class Transportation System

    by Tim Matthews, MMIP Manager – Georgia Department of Transportation Commuters in Georgia are probably familiar with managed lanes. From…

    by Cumberland CID
  • Trails in Cumberland

    People Are Moving to Cumberland! Why?

    by Barry Teague, Treasurer – Cumberland CID; Principal – Walton Communities During the 1990s and early 2000s, the Cumberland area…

    by Cumberland CID
  • Aerial view of SunTrust park

    Cumberland CID: Generating Significant Value for Georgia’s Economy

    Last month, the Cumberland CID released the latest version of its Cumberland CID Economic Impact Analysis. Ultimately, the analysis shows…

    by Cumberland CID
  • Cumberland CID: Forward Thinking for 2020 and Beyond

    by John Shern, Chairman – Cumberland CID; Vice President of Construction – The Home Depot, Inc (Retired) Thirty-one years ago,…

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  • Biketober October 2019 at The Battery Atlanta

    Biketober Challenges Cumberland CID Companies and Commuters to Cycle

    By Carolyn Baar – Georgia Commute Options Eleven months of the year, Georgia Commute Options (GCO) focuses on reducing the…

    by Cumberland CID
  • Runner on a Cumberland CID Trail

    Cumberland’s Transformation to a Connected Community

    by Mason Zimmerman, Senior Development Partner – Pope and Land Real Estate For most of the past 50 years, Atlanta…

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  • Multimodal Transportation is Key to Continual Growth in Cumberland CID

    by Bob Voyles, board member – Cumberland CID I have seen many changes to the Cumberland area as a CCID…

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  • Cobb Galleria

    Cumberland CID: Moving and Improving Transportation

    by Connie Engel, partner, Childress Klein Properties Movement throughout the Cumberland CID is an ongoing topic of conversation. It’s not…

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  • Bob Callan Trail Ribbon-Cutting

    Happy Trails: The Bob Callan Trail Extension Grand Opening

    Cumberland CID, in partnership with the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), Cobb County and the Georgia Department of Transportation, opened the…

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