Akers Mill Ramp To Receive Grant

Akers Mill Ramp To Receive Grant
December 15, 2017 Cumberland CID

Cumberland CID Receives $6 Million Grant for Anticipated Akers Mill Ramp

Project reaches 87 percent of total funding with awarded grant

 Atlanta, GA (December 15, 2017) – Cumberland CID announced today that the Akers Mill Ramp (Ramp) project was selected for a $6 million grant to facilitate construction costs, helping to close the $12 million funding gap for the project’s second phase. Located along I-75, Cumberland is experiencing tremendous growth, including five class A office towers, 10,000 new jobs, 14,000 new residents and the recently debuted $1.3 billion SunTrust Park stadium and mixed-use development. Once constructed, the Akers Mill Ramp will allow Cumberland residents and commuters to safely access the Northwest Managed Lanes corridor.

The $900 million Northwest Managed Lanes project is one of the largest public infrastructure investments in Georgia’s history, creating a 27-mile reversible toll lane designed to benefit travelers on interstates I-75 and I-575 which will open in 2018. This corridor project will significantly improve current traffic conditions in the region.  The Ramp will allow for direct and safe access onto the Managed Lanes system.

“The protection of our residents and commuters is of utmost importance to the Cumberland CID. Additionally, thoughtful consideration of traffic patterns and convenience remain top of mind as the area continues to grow,” said Malaika Rivers, executive director of Cumberland CID. “The Akers Mill Ramp will provide a safer and more easily accessible entrance and exit to the new toll lane. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce the news of this grant as we work towards our goal of alleviating traffic and offering the safest method of travel for the millions of drivers using the Managed Lanes, says Tad Leithead, chairman of the Cumberland CID.”

Working closely with the State, Cumberland has devised a two-phase approach for a ramp addition to the existing Akers Mill Road overpass. The first phase of the project is currently underway, fully funded by Georgia Department of Transportation’s existing Northwest Corridor Managed Lanes construction contract. The initial goal is to widen the footprint of the I-285 bridge over I-75 in order to accommodate the Akers Mill Ramp. Once this project is complete, the drivers will be able to access the toll lanes.

This grant is currently in the preliminary phase and will be approved in early 2018.  With this award, around 87 percent of the project total has been assembled – roughly $38.8 million in funding. Over the next two years, the Cumberland CID will work to close the remaining $6 million gap for the second phase that will kick off construction in 2020, and bring a safer and more accessible transit option to Cumberland travelers.

 About Cumberland CID:

The Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID), Georgia’s first CID, is a public-private assessment district in northwest Atlanta. It is an organization through which local commercial property owners can advance necessary public infrastructure projects that enhance property values as well as the greater community. Originally formed in 1988 by business leaders interested in improving highway access for the emerging Cumberland submarket, the CID went a step further and created a master road plan for the area. The Cumberland CID now represents 190 commercial property owners (residential excluded), and facilitates additional road and transit infrastructure improvements, streetscapes and beautification projects, bicycle and walking trails, alternate commute programs and services as well as community planning.


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